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What Are General Counsel Services?

When representing clients as general counsel, attorney Sanjeev Kumar advises clients on day-to-day business issues.  Depending upon the industry you are in, issues regarding contracts, employee matters, or commercial real estate deals may arise on a regular basis. The ability to consult with a qualified attorney who has a background in business can be vital to the success of your venture. 

The Kumar Law Firm offers general counsel services such as:

  • Advising clients on all business-related transactions.
  • Drafting and reviewing contracts, negotiating with opposing parties, and handling contract disputes if they arise. 
  • Consulting with clients on matters of day-to-day operations.  
  • Assisting in the drafting and execution of company policies.  
  • Consulting on the hiring and firing of employees.  
  • Handling any disputes relating to business associates or partners as well as any brought by or against employees.  
  • Advising clients on limiting their exposure to liability.
  • Managing litigation.

In addition to his legal experience, attorney Sanjeev Kumar has spent a significant portion of his career involved in the technology business. Mr. Kumar built a technology company from the ground up and was intimately involved in all aspects of the enterprise.  As a result, he has extensive first-hand knowledge of the business world. He has been in the same position as every other proprietor trying to make their venture a success. He has a wide variety of experience establishing connections and negotiating deals with industry leaders. He has dealt with various types of companies in many different geographic locations. Mr. Kumar understands that your business is your livelihood and that you will do anything to make it a success. 

Obtaining general counsel services can be time-consuming and expensive. It is particularly frustrating when your representative is not familiar with the industry within which you are operating and or with your business objectives. Attorney Sanjeev Kumar gets to know his client’s objectives to ensure that he consistently acts in accordance with them during the course of his representation. He offers sound legal advice that allows you to fulfill your business objectives and helps you in making your goals a reality.   

If you are considering hiring an attorney for general counsel services to represent your business, look no further than The Kumar Law Firm. Call (512) 512-931-4613 for a consultation today.