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By Sanjeev Kumar
Founding Attorney

Which new laws on the Texas Books will impact my small business this year?

Each year, the Texas legislatures considers, passes and enacts hundreds of new statutes. Some are relatively minor amendments; others involve sweeping reforms with major legal impact.

For the small business owner in Texas, the most recent enactments – which took effect September 1st – may have an impact depending on the nature of the business and the type of transactions it involves. The following offers a rundown of some of the most prominent legal changes. An experienced small business attorney will be able to best advise you as to more nuanced enactments impacting your particular industry:

  • Handgun Permits as ID: If your business requires proof of identification, customers may now show their handgun permit as a valid form of government-issued identification. This change does not apply to traffic stops or airport security, however.
  • Harassment of Interns: Sex-based discrimination and harassment laws have been extended to cover unpaid interns.
  • Nursing home compliance: If you are involved in the long-term care industry, new changes have limited to three the number of “serious health and safety violations” that may be assessed before your state license is revoked.
  • Shark fins: Engaged in the fishing industry? A new law has made it illegal to harvest certain species of shark solely for their fins. In addition, shark fins may not be sold, possessed, traded, bartered or possessed.
  • Liquor purchases: If an individual enters a liquor store close to the cut-off time, and is clearly browsing with the intent to make a purchase, the shop owner may transact the sale even if it takes place past the technical cut-off point.

Overall, approximately 700 new laws took effect on September 1st, some of which may be pertinent to your small business. If you would like to learn whether the new laws will result in any changes to your business structure, and to ensure your compliance with revised Texas laws, please contact one of our experienced business attorneys at The Kumar Law Firm today: 512.960.3808.

About the Author
Sanjeev Kumar is the founder and principal at the Kumar Law Firm, which provides a wide range of legal services to entrepreneurs and business owners in the area of business & corporate law and intellectual property along with related areas of interest to clients such as business succession planning, wealth preservation through estate planning, and alternate dispute resolution.